Remote Depositions,
Instant Transcription

Finally: A digital testimony management platform created by attorneys, for attorneys. Capture accurate testimony easily in real-time. Organize depositions and collaborate with anyone, anywhere.

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A Smoother "Rough"

With machine learning and AI-driven speech-to-text technology, you get real-time deposition transcripts synchronized with the video. And you can get them certified in days - not weeks.


Capture, Organize, Prevail

Real-Time Transcripts
Let the technology do the work as the deposition unfolds. Extraordinarily accurate and easy to navigate.
High-Quality HD Video
Crisp resolution for more powerful presentation of evidence and better witness control.
Work Product Control
The power is yours. Bookmark and tag text as you go and create synchronized multimedia clips.
Exhibit Management
No more fumbling with paper. Upload, centralize, and organize exhibits for simple and reliable use.

Invite your team

Communicate with colleagues live during testimony. Work in concert in the cloud. Analyze evidence, build strategies, and accomplish goals together. The Prevail platform makes it possible.

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We're not just tech. We're humans.

Prevail does not leave all of the remote deposition work to the machine. Our team of professionals is nimble, experienced, and talented. We focus on service with a personal touch. We ensure you are ready to perform, analyze, and advocate for clients using the system.

Remote, On-Demand

Capture What Matters: Anytime, Anywhere

High-quality audio and video services come standard. Prevail makes sure you have what you need to capture courtroom-ready testimony wherever you are.

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The digital future is here. Don’t get left behind.

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