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We build tools so attorneys can focus on what matters most.

The time to change things for the better was overdue.

For 150+ years,

depositions, hearings, and other proceedings under oath have stayed the same. We started Prevail because we saw the opportunity for a more efficient, cost-effective way to perform some of the most critical litigation functions with integrated video. After all, video has been proven to influence people and significantly impact case outcomes.


minutes of testimony are given in the United States every single day.


more remote depositions are projected to be taken in a remote setting by 2022.


of information is retained, on average, when visuals are provided - as opposed to just 10% when only text is presented.

Our Core Values

We’re on a mission to help attorneys manage complex cases with ease and confidence.

Our values - partnership


Our team is here to support you every step of the way - from scheduling to in-session support. We’re here to help.

Our values - efficiency


Our AI-driven technology helps us deliver high-value services that save you time, money, and frustration.

Our values - accessibility


Everything you produce, present, analyze, prepare, and develop lives on the platform - centralized and organized.

Our values - accuracy


Prevail’s instant transcription captures testimony with high accuracy, but we don’t stop there. Live scopists also review and correct the resulting transcripts.

Our values - security


Our cloud-based servers are configured to protect the confidentiality and integrity of everything you create. You own your work product.

Our values - transparency


Forget silos, delays, hidden fees, and upcharges. Our tools drive more powerful advocacy with the utmost clarity.

Meet the founders

We founded Prevail Legal because we know the value of time, and believe that when attorneys can focus more on taking better depositions, everyone benefits.

Rob Feigenbaum

Co-Founder, CEO

Rob has more than 20 years of experience as a legal technology leader. He began his professional life as a practicing litigator before starting his own e-discovery consulting firm. He sold the company to FTI Consulting, the largest publicly traded consulting firm in the world at that time. In the years since, Rob has had a hand in building end-to-end digital investigation solutions provider Nuix and influencing several other companies.

Rob Feigenbaum, Co-Founder & CEO
Randy Bares, Co-Founder & CTO

Randy Bares

Co-Founder, CTO

Randy has built a distinguished profile in short order as a technology innovator with multiple successful exits. Randy founded mobile app and game developer Conjectur/Signal Zero in 2013 and emerging-markets FinTech company Branch International in 2015. In each case, his work as Chief Technology Officer helped ramp up annual revenues sharply and swiftly.

Get to know the team

Meet some of the great minds behind the Prevail platform

John Baker

Chief Operating Officer

With over 30 years of experience as an executive and entrepreneur, John has served as President and founder of many companies including three successful startups. Baker & Brinkley Asset Management was the country’s largest provider of mortgage insurance claim filing services and was sold to First American Title. Blue Ribbon Legal was founded in 2008, acquired by record retrieval giant Ontellus in 2017, and later became part of ABC Legal. As remote working environments became our new normal, John was actively seeking innovative ways to elevate his deposition services and customer experience. After meeting Rob and witnessing the Power of Prevail technology, John joined the team as COO.

Jason Kairalla

Attorney in Residence

A career litigator with two decades of experience at national law firms and the federal courts, Jason contributes on issues of service design, operational workflow, and user experience from a practitioner’s perspective. His law practice involved complex individual and class actions cases involving numerous depositions and other significant legal proceedings. In addition, Jason advises, consults, and speaks on topics of legal innovation and litigation-related technology. He has served in prominent bar positions, including co-chair of the America Bar Association’s Appellate Practice Committee, chair of the Florida Bar Federal Court Practice Committee, and president of the University of Miami Law Alumni Association.

Annie Wilson

Creative Director

Over the past two decades, Annie worked in the ecommerce and entertainment media industries in a myriad of roles focused on content development, publishing, and user experience design. As a creative consultant, she brought countless ideas to life for companies, teams, and non-profits across a wide range of markets. Annie contributes an impeccable understanding of accessibility and presentation owing to her history of both creating and delivering content to large audiences in contrasting demographics.

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