Getting Started

One of the best parts of using Prevail is that the participants don’t need to be gathered in a central location. As long as everyone has a stable internet connection and the right equipment, Prevail can be used from just about anywhere.

Of course, we do recommend that you select a well-lit location that is quiet and free of distractions. An office (or home office) with a broadband internet connection is often perfectly adequate.

Sessions can be conducted on-site or remotely to eliminate the need for additional personnel and provide access to approved remote observers.
The Prevail platform is designed to be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and worry free. We also have dedicated professionals that can assist you in getting set up and familiarized with the platform. Before your first session, we provide access to a Quick Start Guide, video tutorials, remote training sessions, and equipment checks. During your session, we provide a dedicated Session Manager to facilitate the proceeding. They handle the technology aspect, so you can focus on the witness.
Yes, we provide a Quick Start Guide, User Manual, and access to online tutorials. We also have live demonstrations for individuals and groups For more information on this email us at
No, our training materials and demo sessions are included. We want you to understand and see Prevail as a better way and the future of how depositions and other proceedings are conducted.
Of course! New users are welcome and even encouraged to attend an optional system check session scheduled for a day or two in advance of the proceeding. This can help ensure your equipment is set up properly and you’re familiar with the available tools and settings.

In addition, we open each session at least 30 minutes early to assist participants in getting set up and running.
No, Prevail runs best on the recommended internet browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Opera. It is recommended that your browser is up to date.
During your session, a Session Manager will be there to assist you. Otherwise, you can reach support by emailing