Yes, remote depositions are quite common these days. Most court rules--including the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure--specifically address both remote and video depositions.

Prevail not only provides a quality video recording, but also includes a searchable instant transcription feature that can be used to easily locate and cite portions of the video recording using time-stamp references. It’s easy to create shareable video clips, embed links to them in filings, and play them in court. The best part: whenever you want or need a certified transcript, we can help you get one at an unbeatable price.
Remote depositions, in many cases, have become the 'new normal.' As such, many courts have been exceptionally receptive to the notion, often even encouraging remote proceedings. Most even have the authority to order remote depositions.
Any practice can take advantage of using Prevail. If you need testimony transcribed in video footage of live testimony and a convenient way to showcase documents and exhibits, then you need Prevail.
Yes. This software was created for the legal field and was created by those that have worked in the legal field. We have lawyers, court reporters, and paralegals that assist our development team to make sure you have the best experience possible and enjoy using our software.
Yes. Court reporters regularly participate in Prevail sessions. Like any other users, court reporters get their own video tile and access to audio for their stenography.