We provide next-generation level security in regards to communication that is sent between the user and the server. We employ the highest standard of SSL and AWS encryption, which is essentially the Fort Knox of security. We even have levels of encryption for data that is “at rest” meaning that if someone were to physically access a hard-drive with the data on it, the cyber criminal would still not be able to read it.
Prevail currently offers different roles for those involved in a session. This allows you to grant or restrict access to a specific designated role. Soon, the ability to restrict access will extend from just roles to a specific individual that can be determined by the law firm. (For example, dept A will have access to all exhibits and recordings, but dept B will not.)
Our encryption is the gold standard of encryption models. We use SSL (secure sockets layer), and AWS (Amazon Web Services) to encrypt your data. We always strive to ensure you’re offered the highest level of security, both for your peace of mind and so that you can focus on your proceedings and not the technology behind them.
A Session Manager can invite additional users to a session at any time. Alternatively, for witnesses/deponents, we provide unique jump links that can be used to join a session. Each one-time-use link is active only for a limited time and expires immediately once it is used; this prevents unauthorized users from joining a session. These links make it easy to quickly and securely admit an individual into a session when necessary.
No, users must be logged in and authorized to join a Prevail session or they need to have received a one-time-use jump link. Jump links allow for adding single deponents/witnesses to a session without requiring them to set up an account. Of course, these users have restricted, limited access based on their role. If a jump link is incorrectly shared with someone for whom it was not intended, a Session Manager can simply terminate the link.