Session Prep

Handling exhibits in Prevail is simple. The platform allows you to upload an exhibit with the click of a button!

Exhibits can be uploaded before and during a session. To have your documents loaded in prior to a proceeding, you can upload them at the time of scheduling or add them to your personal folders at any time thereafter. A Session Manager can also assist in ensuring all of your evidentiary files are pre-loaded if you’d prefer to email them.

During a session, exhibits can be added by simply clicking the Load Exhibit button and selecting the file you wish to use.

Your Session Manager can then assist in sharing exhibits during a session and allowing participants to view and annotate them. They can also be stamped and entered into the record.

All presented exhibits associated with a session will be available on the post-session page - with and without annotations that may be added during the proceeding.
A Session Manager is a highly trained member of our staff that effectively fills the role of a virtual court reporter. They’re responsible not only for the initial setup of your session, but for ensuring everything goes smoothly during the session as well. They can swear in witnesses, stamp exhibits, pause the session, and assist with any technical questions you may have.
No, there is no practical limit on the number of participants. The system, however, currently only displays up to 16 concurrent video connections.
No, the Session Manager is included with the use of Prevail.
In addition to your computer (running a currently supported version of MacOS or Windows) and a strong broadband connection, you’ll also need audio and video equipment.

Ideally, you should have a good quality headset and a webcam with 1080p resolution or better, though a 720p webcam will suffice. For microphones, we highly recommend using a cardioid mic.

Your equipment does not need to be top of the line, but it’s important to remember that your microphone quality can impact the accuracy of the transcript and that using headphones will also improve overall quality as well.

Rode, Shure, Sennheiser, Royer, and Neumann all make excellent microphones.
You’ll want a minimum of 10 Mbps download speed and at least 1Mbps upload speed per person for a home office. Most workplaces have sufficient connections, though you may want to check with your office’s technical administrator.

We recommend doing a speed test at