What is Prevail?

Prevail, simply put, is a complete online testimony management platform.

Designed especially for legal proceedings, our all-in-one cloud platform facilitates taking testimony locally or remotely by using AI/machine learning technology to produce instant transcription. The transcript is synchronized with video of the witness as well as all participants’ audio.

Additionally, evidence files can be uploaded, shared, marked, stamped, and entered into the record all via the easy-to-use exhibit tools.

Access to the transcript, video, and all presented exhibits is available during and immediately following the proceeding. Plus, our work product tools allow you to privately flag, bookmark, and create clips of key moments on-the-fly or afterwards.
Once a session is booked, a link will become accessible to the participants both via email and on their dashboards.

Inside the Remote Session, much of the functionality should be familiar to most users as it is set up similarly to many popular online meeting rooms and web conferencing tools.

Our Quick Start guide can help you get started using the productivity tools that are unique to the platform. Our staff will also happily schedule a test session to provide an interactive walkthrough of everything and demonstrate all the features.
At Prevail, we take privacy very seriously. There are multiple layers of security implemented throughout, including the use of SSL and AWS to encrypt communication between the user and the server.

Roles can also be set for individual users in order to grant or restrict access to materials created within the platform.

Whether in the live session or afterwards, access to the video, transcript, and exhibits is limited to only authorized users.
For starters, Prevail can save you a significant amount of time and money.

By conducting depositions and other proceedings online, travel time and expenses become a thing of the past. You also get faster results and better accuracy with proceedings being transcribed by our AI-driven software and reviewed by our highly trained staff.

Additionally, we offer straightforward pricing with flat hourly rates that can’t be beat. Many services for which you’d typically pay extra are included in Prevail’s inclusive pricing model.

Virtually everything that would have been done using conventional methods can be done through Prevail.
The Prevail platform is quite sophisticated in that it instantly transcribes speech to text while also accurately associating it with the correct speaker. The use of machine learning helps improve overall transcription accuracy, which means less time is required for a human editor to proof and correct the final transcript. Having a high quality microphone also helps ensure an accurate transcription.