Remote, On-Demand

Virtual depositions have never been easier

High-quality audio and video services come standard. Prevail makes sure you have what you need to capture courtroom-ready testimony wherever you are.

Capture What Matters

Prevail provides the tools you need for both taking and organizing testimony, so you can easily make use of the highlights.

Intuitive Control

Simple navigation, centralized exhibits, work-product control, and advanced transcript searching is all just a few clicks away.

Service in Tune

We pair attorneys with a dedicated Session Manager so the entire process is streamlined with no hiccups.

Resolution for Results

Our video and audio are clear and crisp, and transmit beautifully in HD.

Better tools, better results

Easily accessible tools create an easy-to-understand attorney work product, individually or in bulk. Unlock the full potential of your transcript.



Replace the old paper tabs with color-coded flags to mark and organize essential lines of the transcript. Every colored flag denotes an assigned issue, so finding key pieces of testimony couldn't be easier.



Generate evidence you can use later as needed with the Clip feature. Create, store, and share video clips of pivotal moments from your remote sessions that even include synchronized exerpts from the transcript.



Quickly add bookmarks to make navigating transcripts a breeze. Plus, you can include notes and impressions, too. All of your work product items can be easily filtered and searched by keywords and more.

Virtual testimony library

Justice at scale

Build your own virtual testimony library.

Prevail stores the testimony you accumulate and develop over time on its servers. Need to assess the past performance of expert witnesses? Use advanced search tools to retrieve a tale of the tape. Operate with a high-capacity knowledge base.

Working together

Real teamwork. Securely from the cloud.

Collaboration that’s not just a buzzword happens right in the Prevail platform. Built-in tools help lead attorneys communicate with associates and even clients during live testimony and afterward. Leverage uninterrupted transparency for better control of witnesses and cases.

Collaborate with your team

Frequently asked questions

What can Prevail do for your team?

Where do I conduct a remote deposition using Prevail?

Although we generally do not recommend an at-home set-up, there is no set location to conduct a remote deposition through the Prevail platform. Conference centers, office-space rentals, and even hotels could accommodate you. In the coming years, you may even be able to use Prevail pop-up sites.

Am I on my own here? Do I need a technology certification?

No. The Prevail platform is easy to navigate, understand, and use. Additionally, Prevail’s professionals are there to lend expertise and a human touch, whether via our customer service channels or live onsite. A Session Manager is also present during every session to help guide you along the way.

Is my work product protected?

Yes. All privileged and confidential bookmarks, flags, clips, notes, chats, and client correspondence you create using Prevail belong to you. Encryption and other security features help keep that information safely guarded.

Do remote depositions comply with the law?

Yes. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the rules of most states do not require the presence of a live court reporter to conduct a deposition or a similar proceeding. A recording and resulting transcript are sufficient.

How am I supposed to manage my exhibits?

Easily. Prevail not only specializes in testimony management, but also in exhibit management. Upload exhibits into a central repository and use system tools to organize them and introduce them in rhythm.

Will Prevail cost me a fortune?

No. Prevail offers a flat-rate, all-inclusive service that costs about 40 percent less than a traditional deposition model.